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← Older postsWhen you are writing then go for the best and leave the problems for the rest!
Posted on October 16, 2012 by adminReplyWhat goes around comes around, what goes up must come down! This is a very famous song copied from a quote but still very diligent in terms of essay editing help for every student; since every student has to confirm with the requirements of the format and structure of his/her project! With every word following the other one like a cycle of information sewed up into each other so that the reader could easily perceive all the transferred knowledge and wisdom.
What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you are swimming in the pool and suddenly the air stops in your lungs without reason? HELP! The only term that one thinks of in situations like the one mentioned above is professional help, motivational help, and practical help to be precise! Anyone would not want a person trying to save their life by jumping into the pool for you, and forgetting that they themselves do not know how to swim! GOSH; now sceneries do really change! That is why one would only want a real swimmer, a real practical professional, swimmer to save his/her life at the moment without any risks and contingencies involved. Because the person stuck in problems does not want to face any more problems. He/she want the saver to save his/her … yeah got that right!
Dissertation help would mean you can save your future by consulting the best in the environment for researching, writing and editing your project; with the best resources and the most efficient outcomes to fulfil your academic demands. Taking the example of swimming once again, let us discuss this situation with the candidate’s personal needs for the current writing demands. Considering your work to receive immaculate guidance and supportive tips in order to gain the enhanced version of formation and structure in your project; means that the readers, the supervisor and the examiners, would eventually fall in complete accordance of this decision that they actually NEED to give you the best possible result for your submitted work. Avoiding risks and leaving behind tracks of errors is no good hence consider the best dissertation help for your own good.

Posted in Dissertation | Tagged Dissertation Help | Leave a replyLiterature reviews are so friendly that they can upshot you in befriending your whole dissertation!
Posted on October 15, 2012 by adminReplyThe chapters that need your ultimate attention as a whole while creating a marvellous project of 10000 or more words, are the ones which also become the backbone for your work! Which means there will be two results for your work after you concentrate on these specific chapters; either you are going to be able to achieve a very good project overall with a healthy mix of information and alignment; or else you will be suffocating because of the primary chapters being mishandled by you from the very beginning!
The literature review dissertation chapter has been enormously stated as the one that holds the power of creating an opportunity for the students writing their thesis for their academic requirements. And why are these globally accepted theories for every other professional? Because they form the benchmark for every candidate’s mutual results at the end of their efforts! Once handled with correct intuition, the literature review can make or break the eternal outcome of your efforts; the actions you commit towards your goal are going to result in a reaction which may be positive or negative depending on the actions.
For example you burst into an online database thanks to a particular search engine, and you found out a lot about your own project for writing and understanding the concepts. But the only thing then that you will be missing on is to situate the correct information in the right place. And you have to place particular data portion into a specific place so that everything makes sense and the reader can easily comprehend all the details that you have put in, into your dissertation.
For example, a person Such as me would always play safe in whatever game I am in; hence I would first let my supervisor know of everything that I am going through, and only then decide what needs to be done. When I find that Paulo Coelho wrote the book “Alchemist” with the aim of making people believe in myths and wonders, I would surely be bumping into many questions that will arise in my mind. And hence the correct use of the material found will lead to the correct bargains later on.

Posted in Literature review | Tagged Literature review | Leave a replyHow to write a Nursing Dissertation Proposal?
Posted on October 9, 2012 by adminReplyNursing is one of the important fields of health and medical sciences that not only relates to the good care of people that are facing health problems but also deals with maintaining and attaining the hospital activities and qualities of life. In the past time, only female students were interested in getting their higher academic degree in the subject of nursing but nowadays due to the expansion of the field of nursing and the scope of good career in this field, now male students are also completing their degree in nursing.
The completion of higher degree in the field of nursing is also based on few important requirements without the completion of which a student can not acquire his degree in nursing; dissertation writing is one of these requirements. Dissertation is actually a kind of academic research paper which is written by conducting a research about any of the specific topic related to a student’s study field.
For starting a nursing dissertation, a proposal about the research is required to be written and then presented to the dissertation committee who will then decide on the basis of your provided proposal that whether you should be given the permission to start your nursing dissertation project or not? So in order to get approval from the committee, you are required to write a successful nursing dissertation proposal that can easily build your good impression on your professors and can also get approval from them for your final nursing dissertation project.
A nursing proposal starts with the selection of topic; try to choose the one that no one has ever discussed before. The topic also must have to be good, latest, focused, informative and interesting. You need to make sure that your topic must possess all of these qualities otherwise your proposal will be considered as dull or boring. Selection of topic will then lead you towards the conduction of research about that selected topic. Here you must have to keep in mind that your collected information should be correct and accurate and it must be about all the aspects of your topic. Then in last, you have to write all the collected content of your research in your proposal.
Posted in Nursing Dissertation Proposal | Tagged Nursing Dissertation Proposal | Leave a replyWhat to remember while writing Doctoral Dissertation?
Posted on October 9, 2012 by adminReplyThe course of a doctorate degree program includes few challenging tasks that a doctoral student must have to complete in order to acquire his PhD degree. Dissertation writing is one of these tasks. It is a kind of research paper but it is different from the ones that a student writes in his higher academic studies. This dissertation project is usually written at the end of the doctorate degree program and is considered as an essential part of doctorate degree exams because the 50% marks of your degree exams are based on the submission of a successful dissertation, that means you will get good marks in your degree exams only when you will submit a good, well-researched and error-free dissertation.
The process of dissertation writing requires lots of efforts, patience and time. The minimum time period for the completion of doctoral dissertation is about one to two years so you can understand with this fact that how hard it is to write doctoral dissertation. But there are few things that can help you in writing your dissertation easily, you just need to remember these things while writing your doctoral dissertation. These are:
You should set a proper plan and timeframe for writing your dissertation that can help you in completing your doctoral dissertation before deadline.
Your mind should be calm, relaxed and free of irrelevant thoughts so that you can concentrate fully on your doctoral dissertation project.
You should have a complete set of information or knowledge about each and every part of the process of dissertation writing including the topic selection, research process and development of dissertation report.
While selecting topic for your doctoral dissertation, make sure that your topic is unique, focused, up to date and informative.
Your collected information should be unique and accurate and there should not be any kind of doubt in it.
The presentation of your doctoral dissertation should be according to the demands of your professors. Try to follow the structure that is provided in your University’s guide for writing your doctoral dissertation report.
Proofread your dissertation report and make necessary changes before submitting your doctoral dissertation.
Posted in Doctoral Dissertation | Tagged Doctoral Dissertation | Leave a replyWhat steps should you follow to prepare the perfect BA dissertation proposal?
Posted on October 6, 2012 by adminReplyPreparing a high quality thesis at the graduate and undergraduate level is a very difficult task for students. Even though it is quite difficult it is necessary as they will not be able to receive their degrees if they are unable to acquire a specific grade in the report. On top of that a proffer also needs to be prepared in order to seek approval for the research and if this document is rejected then it has to be rewritten again and again till it is accepted. Preparing a BA dissertation proposal can be very troublesome especially if students are unaware of the proper method of writing it perfectly. It has to be prepared perfectly in order to receive approval in the very first attempt to avoid any loss of time and efforts. There are several steps which need to be followed while preparing this very important document and all of these steps are listed below.
Step 1: Select a unique, interesting and new topic for your research
The first step is to select a topic which is not only interesting and unique but also provides some new information to the readers. This is one of the most important steps as a general or tedious topic may lead to disaster. A good option is to get the topic approved before actually starting to write the document.
Step 2: Provide a clear context and background to your research
The second step involves conducting a preliminary research and understanding the context and background of your research and explaining it effectively in the document so the readers can understand the specific area and context of the study.
Step 3: Clearly outline your aims, objectives and research questions
Once the topic and context have been explained, the student needs to present the aims, objectives and research questions in an effective manner so all readers are able to understand specifically what the researcher wants to accomplish and what the study will attempt to answer.
Step 4: Include a list of literary sources or an effective analysis of the literature
It is beneficial to include the list of literary sources you intend to review during the research so the committee and supervisor are able to understand the theoretical framework. On the other hand a brief analysis of the literature can also be advantageous as it will give a glimpse to the readers about what to expect in the final report with respect to the review of literature.
Step 5: Write the proposed methodology section by describing the approach you intend to use
The student should outline the methods or tools he/she will be using to collect and analyze data and present them in an effective manner in the proffer, otherwise the proffer will be incomplete without an appropriate methodology.
Step 6: Provide a time frame and expected structure for your research and report
The sixth step should be to include the expected time that would be taken to perform the study and an outline depicting the time frame for each of the stages and the expected structure of the final report.
Step 7: Proofread and edit the document before submission
The seventh and final step of preparing the perfect proposal is to proofread, revise and edit the document completely and submit it to get approval for the study.
Posted in BA Dissertation | Tagged BA Dissertation, BA Dissertation proposal | Leave a replySome of the common mistakes that should be avoided while preparing a dissertation proposal for MA
Posted on October 4, 2012 by adminReplyStudents at the Masters level are required to complete several essays, assignments and reports throughout the program in order to display their writing skills but one of the most comprehensive and difficult writing tasks is preparing the thesis at the end of the program. This is a necessary requirement for any student willing to acquire a Masters degree but the research for this comprehensive report cannot start before the board or supervisor grants an official approval. This approval can only be sought after preparing an effective and outstanding proposal for the research.  People have problems even in completing this preliminary document because of various issues and mainly because of lack of experience, knowledge and skills. It is very important for an individual to learn from past mistakes he/she has made but it is also very advantageous to learn from mistakes others have made. If the common mistakes made while preparing an MA dissertation proposal are identified before writing then they can be avoided quite easily.
A very common but disastrous mistake people make while preparing the proffer for Masters in Arts is selecting an inappropriate or ineffective topic which is neither interesting nor provides any room for research and this is where all of the subsequent stages are highly affected in terms of quality.  The topic may be too general as well and the report will not be interesting at all as it will mainly provide readers with information and knowledge they already posses. Thus, it is very important to select a topic which is narrowed down to a very specific research area and is at the same time very interesting for readers by providing some new and fresh information. Many students also underestimate the importance of proper formatting and do not format the entire document properly. On the other hand many students do not even realize the importance of an effective structure. Both the formatting and the structure play a very important role and affect the effectiveness of the document significantly. Therefore, do not forget to structure and format the document appropriately and effectively.
Many students fail to follow the guidelines and outline provided by their universities for completing specific tasks and documents and simply write what they understand is correct or appropriate. This can have very adverse effects and may also influence the acceptance or rejection decision of the proffer.  Moreover, the aims and objectives or research questions are written in a generalized fashion and do not seem to challenge anything or specifically portray what the student seeks to achieve and this can be quite problematic. You have to ensure that your objectives are clearly stated and the committee or supervisor knows exactly what you want to accomplish from your research. Another very common mistake is the incorrect or incomplete explanation or description of the tools or methods of data collection and analysis the researcher intends to use. All of the techniques, tools, methods and approaches need to be clearly stated and explained so the readers know exactly how data will be collected and analyzed.
Posted in MA Dissertation | Tagged MA Dissertation, MA Dissertation proposal | Leave a replyWhat reasons lead to the rejection of a MSc dissertation proposal?
Posted on October 2, 2012 by adminReplyPreparing a thesis at the Masters level is a norm in universities around the world today and all students are required to prepare one before the degree is actually awarded. Although it is necessary, it is quite challenging as well for many students especially for the ones who are studying for a MSc degree. The process of writing this very important document tests the overall knowledge of a student he/she has acquired throughout the program. The student is expected to display an extraordinary set of writing, research and presentation skills through this document. The whole writing process is comprehensive and involves several stages which are spanned over several months. The very first stage involves selecting a topic and preparing a proffer for the research which should then be approved by the supervisor or research committee. The next stages cannot start before the topic and proposal are approved and this is why students need to ensure that they get approval in the very first go.
In order to get the acceptance we have to understand what reasons may lead to the rejection of the document in the first place so they can be avoided and the approval can be received as early as possible to save time and efforts. There are several factors or reasons which entice the board or supervisor to reject a specific document proposing a certain research. The personal skills and knowledge of the student play a very important role at this stage as it depends on him/her whether he/she can complete it effectively or not because most of these issues are associated with the skills of the students. The MSc dissertation proposal can be rejected simply because of a topic which may be too general or is too broad to be researched within a short period of time and with limited resources. On the other hand if a topic does not provide anything new to be researched it can also be rejected. Thus the topic has to be selected very carefully and after thinking about all options.
The aims and objectives of a research also play a very important role in the acceptance or rejection decision and the proposal can be rejected because of this section as well if the objectives are not clearly defined or if they are too vague and the board thinks the researcher will not be able to accomplish them during the research. On the other hand if they are not clearly defined and it seems the researcher himself/herself does not actually understand what needs to be done then there is a fair chance that the proffer will be rejected as well. Another factor which leads to rejection is poor or ineffective presentation of the methods or tools of research where either they have not been selected appropriately or have not been presented in a proper fashion. The overall quality, format and referencing of the whole document may also lead to failure if any of the document lacks in any of these aspects and if there are a lot of errors and mistakes in the document.
Posted in MSc Dissertation proposal | Tagged MSc dissertation, MSc dissertation proposal | Leave a replyHow should a proposal for your BBA dissertation be written to ensure you get approval?
Posted on October 1, 2012 by adminReplyStudying for a BBA degree requires an extensive amount of studying and hard work throughout the program while attending classes, taking tests and exams. Apart from all of these routine tasks, the most challenging task for every student is to complete a research project before the end of the course to become eligible for the degree. This project involves conducting a research and preparing a comprehensive dissertation based on that research. This research cannot start without the approval of the board and in order to get this approval students are required to propose their research through a proffer which is usually supported by a presentation. If students fail to get approval they cannot start the research and write the thesis and thus are unable to acquire their bachelors degree in business administration. Every student needs to be aware of the appropriate method for preparing this document so approval can be acquired and research can be started without any delays.
The process for preparing a BBA dissertation proposal is fairly easy as compared to the actual dissertation contrary to the perception of students who may think that it is very difficult. It is important to understand the various aspects of the document which will lead to the approval or rejection of the research before starting it so the person writing it knows exactly what to focus on while writing. The first thing you need to understand is that the document itself does not have any importance and does not affect your grade or performance in any way and is just a temporary document which is used for getting research approval. On the other hand, this does not mean that the document can be written poorly and without any concentration because it is quite important for the subsequent dissertation. There are two advantages of preparing this document carefully and with a lot of effort. First you can ensure that the approval is received and second you can understand what you will be researching and familiarize yourself with the nature of the research before it actually starts.
The first step of preparing a very effective proffer is selecting a topic or research area and this should be done by keeping your personal strengths in mind and usefulness and interest of readers in general. It is better to spend some time thinking about the specific area and subject rather than simply jumping to a specific topic without thinking at all. Once you feel comfortable about three or four topics take them to your supervisor and get one topic approved before you start writing the document. Once this is done, perform a preliminary research to write the context and background of your research followed by the research questions and primary objectives you intend to accomplish. Both of these sections need to be clear, concise and directly relevant to your topic. The next section should provide a list of the articles or sources of literature you will be reviewing or present a brief analysis of that literature. The next section is one of the most important sections as it should effectively present the tools, techniques and methods you will be using to collect and analyze data. Be sure to reference and format the whole document appropriately and in the end proofread it and submit to the committee to be approved.

Posted in BBA Dissertation | Tagged BBA Dissertation, BBA Dissertation Proposal | Leave a replyThe significance of a PhD dissertation in your career and the method of preparing it
Posted on September 29, 2012 by adminReplyAcquiring a PhD in any subject is tied to the comprehensive research work carried out by a student and the preparation of a relevant report explaining all major and minor details of the research. The topic or subject of research has to present something new or challenge an existing theory or phenomenon through research. The doctoral research is one of the most comprehensive researches a student has to conduct throughout his/her academic career and requires the student to apply all knowledge and skills acquired in the past along with in depth knowledge and understanding of the subject being focused. This is why students usually spend a lot of time in the entire research process because in the initial stages they try to get a grip of all the fundamental and advanced theories and concepts of that subject before moving on to put forward a new theory or challenge an existing concept.  A significant amount of studying is required for the research and the relevant dissertation for PhD and that is why students have to sacrifice a lot of their social and personal obligations.
If written perfectly the thesis for your PhD can be very crucial for academic and professional success as it will not only allow the student to receive a very good grade but will also enable him/her to get it published in a journal of academic standing. When you want to earn a doctorate degree in any subject you have to conduct a research which can bring some new or fresh information to the world of research and is also beneficial and useful for a wide range of readers and is applicable to practical uses. The PhD degree unlike others comprises mainly of research work and the dissertation which simply displays the importance of the dissertation for any student willing to become a doctor of philosophy. If the thesis is not completed effectively and a specific grade is not acquired the degree will not be awarded at all. The PhD dissertation is not written like an assignment, essay or any other academic report but it has a unique structure, format and writing style and students have to apply all of their skills to the full in order to achieve effectiveness.
There are usually five to seven sections or chapters of a thesis at this level and the student needs to focus on each section carefully one by one rather than completing the whole document without any arrangement, organization or structure.  The reader should be able to read every section very easily and each section should provide some useful information to readers while being interesting at the same time. There is no specific length of a thesis at the doctorate level but universities usually require a report which is not more than five hundred pages as long as the report effectively covers every aspect of the research. Each chapter should achieve the intended objective and there should be no irrelevant or unreliable material in any section while all subsections should be placed in the relevant chapters so readers can identify and relate the content with the respective chapters.
Posted in phD Dissertation | Tagged phD Dissertation | Leave a replyHow to get research approval from the committee by preparing a very good proposal for your BSc dissertation?
Posted on September 26, 2012 by adminReplyStudying for a bachelors degree in science requires taking classes, preparing assignments, giving presentations and taking tests or exams. On the other hand a very important and necessary requirement for all students is to complete a research project at the end of their program before the degree is actually awarded. The project is used as a gauge to determine what students have learned from their studies and they are expected to portray an excellent combination of writing, research and critical analysis skills. The thesis is basically the crux of the entire program and tests the skills of a student at every level and if you have simply gone through the entire program without acquiring any beneficial information then there is a fair chance that you may fail in the research project or will have a very difficult time in passing it. Moreover, you cannot start your research before the dissertation committee gives you the approval or go ahead signal to do so. This can only be done by preparing a proposal and presenting it effectively to the committee.
The committee reviews the proffer document from a wide range of perspectives and you are required to portray effectively what your research will be all about and how you intend to go about performing the research within a specific time frame and what resources, tools, methods or techniques you will be using to accomplish the research objectives. If you do not get approval for the project then it cannot be started at all and you may end up without a degree as the dissertation is a prerequisite to acquiring a degree. Therefore you need to prepare a proffer for your BSc degree which can impress the supervisor and the committee to give approval for the research. There are several things you should consider while preparing this very important document. The first thing you need to do is select an excellent topic which is not only unique but interesting in terms of research and analysis. Get the topic approved before starting anything else so you do not have to change everything just because of the change in topic later on.
Once you have gotten the topic approved, it is time that you start focusing on the individual sections of the document and the very first thing you should do is conduct a preliminary research to understand the context and background of your research and write that effectively so anyone reading the proffer knows the exact context of the research. The next step is to present your research questions and objectives in a very clear, concise and effective manner without generalizing and providing clear statements of what you actually want to do during the research. The methodology comprises a very important part of the project so be sure to include a brief description and analysis of the tools, methods and techniques you intend to use for data collection and analysis. Once you have written all of the sections, proofread, edit and format the BSc dissertation proposal appropriately and enhance the overall presentation before submitting it to the committee or the supervisor for approval. Once you have all of these ingredients and have followed everything correctly there is no way your proposal will be disapproved.

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