A guide to the Life in UK Test.
What is the UK life test?
The British Citizenship test, also known as the Life in the UK test is designed to assess the applicant’s knowledge about life in the United Kingdom. The test is computer-based and contains 24 questions. To qualify, you must score 18 correct answers or 75%. These questions are taken from the “Life in the UK – A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition)” handbook, which is used to test applicants on the topics covered.
The Life in the UK test is priced at PS50. You must book the test at least 3 days in advance online. To book the Life in the UK test, you will need to have a valid ID document, debit or credit cards, and an email address.
Who must take the Life in the UK exam?
This test is mandatory for anyone applying for ILR (Indefinite leave to Remain) or British citizenship. It is required for all ages between 18 and 64.
If you are:
You are either under 18 or older than 65
You will need to prove that you are unable to do so due to special circumstances (e.g., a long-term mental or physical condition).
The test is only required once. If you are applying to become a British citizen, you don’t need the test again.
Where can you take the Life in UK test?
There are more than 60 centers in the UK where Life in UK tests are conducted. After you have completed the online booking process, you will be able to choose from a variety of centers near you and the available time slots to take the exam at these locations.
Book the test
How do I book the test?
The official booking site, i.e.
You will be asked to select a test center that is closest to you. There is no difference between the difficulty levels of the test depending on where they are administered. All centers administer the same test.
What are the steps to book the UK life test?
Register with the Life in the UK Online Booking Service
This should be completed at least 3 days before you take the test
To confirm and register your account, you will need to provide proof of identity, a debit/credit card and an email address.
What documents are required to book the test?
When booking the test, you will need to prove your identity. You must also bring the same document you used to book the test to the test centre.
Acceptable documents include the following:
Passport (This passport may be out-of-date or expired, but cannot be cancelled).
Biometric Resident Permit They can be used as standalone documents and are not attached to any other document. They must be valid and in the correct date.
European Union (EU), Identity card This must be in the appropriate date
UK Photographic driving license. (Full, provisional or total). This document must be in the appropriate date.
An Immigration Status document (ISD) endorsed with a UK Resident Permit. The UKRP bears a photo of the holder. This document may be out-of-date. Candidates who have a UKRP-compliant passport should choose the Passport option.
UK Convention Travel Document (CTD) must be in the date
UK Stateless Persons Travel Document (SPD), must be in the date
UK Certificate of Identity (CID), this must be in the date
If there is a name change, you may need to provide the following documents to prove the name change
Certificate of marriage
UK spouse Visa or a Biometric resident permit
Document describing the Deed Poll Change in Name
Book the test only if you have special circumstances
How can you prepare to take the test?
You can prepare for the test with many online resources, both paid and free.
TestPrepTraining offers a comprehensive and extensive compilation of multiple-choice questions.

Author: Alexander