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It is essential that candidates can show their potential in today’s digital world. Oracle certifications are great for building skills and trust with employers, whether you’re a professional or just starting your career. Oracle Autonomous database, an advanced database management system, is the only one that can automatically patch, upgrade, and tune itself globally. This system is responsible for maintaining database tasks automatically without human intervention.
Oracle has made it easy to achieve this role by providing a simplified path that includes the 1Z0-931 Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist exam. This exam will allow you to earn the Oracle certification, which comes with many benefits. This is not an easy task. To achieve Oracle certifications, you must practice, study, and prepare. In this blog, we will discuss the exam details and the preparation methods that will help you pass the exam.
Before we move on to the exam details, there are many questions about the Autonomous Database. This may be a new concept to some candidates so let’s take a look at it briefly.
What is Oracle Autonomous Database (ODB)?
Oracle Autonomous Database is a cloud-based technology that automates many of the routine tasks required for managing Oracle databases. This technology allows database administrators (DBAs), to perform higher-level, strategic work. It also manages the maintenance of the database while the system is running, without human intervention. There are two types of this:
Firstly, the Autonomous Transaction Processing is (ATP), which configures the database with a bias towards large numbers of random data access.
The ADW stands for Autonomous Data Warehouse. This type of workload configures the database to support decision making or data warehouse workloads, with a bias towards large data scan operations.
Passing the Oracle 1Z0-931 exam is all that is required to become an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Expert. To be able to prepare well for the exam, you must understand every detail. Let’s get to it.
Overview of Oracle 1Z0-931 Exam
The Oracle 1Z0-931 exam tests the knowledge required to provision, manage, and migrate Autonomous Transaction Databases (ATP) or Autonomous Data Warehouses (ADW). It also helps candidates understand and improve their knowledge in provisioning, connecting, migrating Autonomous Transaction Database (ATP) and Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). The Oracle 1Z0-931 exam is the best way to become an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist.
An Oracle Autonomous Database Specialist has the skills to manage the entire Lifecycle Management of Autonomous Databases (ATP & ADW). A specialist can open up many opportunities that will help you to a bright future.
Understanding Exam Details
Oracle Certification tests are designed to assess applicants in a variety ways. It is therefore important to be fully informed about the exam. Knowing the test structure, topics, and prerequisites will help you create a solid study plan. Let’s take a look in its simplest form.
First, the 1Z0-931 exam can be used in conjunction with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist certification.
The exam lasts 120 minutes.
This exam will have 60 multiple-choice questions.
The minimum passing score for this exam is 63%
Final note: The exam will cost $245 USD.
While there are no prerequisites, it is recommended that you have the latest training and practical experience in Autonomous Databases.

Author: Alexander