Interview Questions for Project Management Jobs

(This post has been updated to 2021.
As companies around the world continue to seek the best talent for their positions, the demand for project managers is on the rise. First, they screen candidates based upon their resumes and, second, based upon their interviews. You want to make a good impression as a PM candidate. The job interview is your chance to make a great impression and land the job.
The job interview is an important step in the hiring process. Interviewers are given the opportunity to show off your skills and knowledge, and hopefully convince you to accept a job offer. How well you prepare for an interview will determine how well you perform. Your knowledge, experience, skills, and attitude match the requirements of the job you are applying for.
Project management jobs can be competitive. Expect tough questionsfrom interviewers who are tasked to screen out the best professionalcandidates from the rest.
Interview questions will be asked about any project you have listed in your work history. They will test your knowledge and ask about the experiences you have gained from working on different projects. They will examine the projects you consider successful and not successful, as well as the lessons learned from theseprojects.
Interviewers will also look at your personality to determine the best job fit. Interviewers may ask you to share stories or experiences that highlight certain personality traits and competency skills. Interviewers are looking for leadership qualities such as team building, planning and goal setting.
PMjob interview questions
What are the most common questions interviewers ask about projectmanagement positions? Let’s start with the basics.
Tell us about your experience managing different projects and the lessons you have learned.
Interviewers will want to know how your past job experiences will benefit their company. Select the most important projects that you have worked on and briefly describe the challenges you faced and the solutions you found.
How can your experience in these types of projects help our company?
It is worth mentioning the challenges you have overcome in previous projects. These experiences help to describe you as a problem solver and someone who is committed. You can find a positive experience in any project you are involved in that shares some similarities with the hiring company by doing prior research and planning.
Describe a time when you faced a challenge and how it was overcome.
Interviewers will be able to tell where you fit and what position you’ll excel by looking at the roles you played in past projects. This gives the interviewer an indication of your ability to lead and follow, work well in a team environment, or if you are more capable of working independently.
What was your role in the previous project?
Some professionals became project managers by climbing up the ladder, while others were placed by chance in the lead position. Interviewers should know more than your competence. They also need to know your confidence level and how you approach a particular role.
Have you ever led a team?
This is a simple question, so answer it concisely with an affirmative or a negative. If they ask for additional questions, you can answer them more.
Talk to us about a situation in which you, as project leader, resolved conflict within your team.
Project managers must possess leadership qualities. Interviewers want to learn more about your ability as a leader. You can give an example of a situation in which your leadership skills were most tested.
Describe a situation in which you were able to lead.

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